LVX Background
What is groundbreaking about LVX System?
LVX technology both lights our spaces and, using the same lighting photons we see with, communicates wirelessly like a fiber optic cable without the fiber strand; we are able to illuminate and create communication “hot spots.” LVX System offers a two-for-one communication service proposition that will deliver secure unlimited data bandwidth and more energy-efficient, economical lighting. It’s a proposition that can’t be beat with traditional technology.
What does LVX mean?
LVX is an acronym for Light Visually X-Transceiving (radio electronics vernacular). LVX is also ancient Latin for “light” (modern Latin word is “LUX”).
What is Visible Light Communication?
VLC technology begins with the LVX Light fixture. Unlike all other lights, LVX lights contain electronics and software that enable streams of data to transmit through free space on modulated light photons; the data literally rides in the light. These organized photons emanate from the light fixture to provide a high-speed, fiberless communication that enables many new connectivity and security services. LVX System has standardized the term “fiberless” to differentiate from wireless, or a “wire-free” connection. “Fiberless” describes our fiber optic connection without the fiber strand.
Who invented Visible Light Communication?
LVX System’s founder and CEO, John Pederson, is the inventor of two-way broadband VLC. The LVX System of Companies is the first to develop the practical embodiment and application of VLC through the use of architectural and general lighting. The LVX System of Companies is pioneering the market introduction of VLC; we are first.
Is LVX a service or a product?
LVX System provides a new commercial service of light. Communication and security are also key components of this new service offering. LVX has defined and leads the market in VLC. As power companies generate and sell electrons in a familiar unit termed as “watt hour” or “kilowatt hour”. LVX sells visible light photons capable of communication as a unit of a “Data Lumen hour” or “DLh”. A Data Lumen hour is equal to one million lumen hours (for manageable calculation) with the capability of fiberless data communication. LVX supplies the lighting apparatus that comprises the LVX System. These lights and their supporting apparatus are placed within any facility and produces DLh for the customer and the occupants of the facility.