EDUCATIONCommitment to Education
LVX System of Companies is committed to being involved with and supporting education. We offer better technology with cost-saving solutions and superior performance. With the current tightening of state funding and reduction in school budgets, we believe this is needed now more than ever.

We work to inspire students and teachers. By understanding yesterday’s technologies and solutions, we provide “hands on” demonstrations with vintage data and equipment. Our goal is to motivate students so that they are ready to understand and work with technologies we can only dream of today.

Below are images of “Inspiration”, the 1:1 full scale mock space shuttle orbiter used by NASA for education, public relations and training purposes. LVX System accepted possession of the orbiter and moved it to the space shuttle landing facility “SLF” at Kennedy Space Center, Florida where we ready it for refurbishment. “Inspiration” will then be re-tasked for educational purposes. There are also downloadable high-resolution posters in PDF form of “Inspiration” during its move.

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The “Inspiration is a mock simulator 1:1 scale used in educating astronauts and ”future astronauts.” It's sister shuttle sits a top the orbitor transport Boeing 747 in Houston Texas. LVX System accepted possession and transported it to the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center for refurbishment.
It is the intention of LVX System to transport “Inspiration” and display it across the central region of the United States. “Inspiration” will be barged along major rivers with stops in large cities to be publically viewed with an emphesis on school children with promotional educational and inspirational intent.